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PCB design and analysis with PADS Professional Premium

Estimated Watching Time: 5 minutes
Designing a printed circuit board can be a complex task if the application you are using does not provide the appropriate automation. Simplify the entire process by providing automation where it’s the most important.

PADS Professional Premium delivers everything you need to design your simplest to most complex PCB designs. Full function, yet easy to use, with features and technologies like:

Routing automation

Can reduce PCB layout time by up to 80 percent. With electronics design becoming more complex, automation is a major advantage for both experienced designers and engineers who “do-it-all.”

Rigid-flex PCB design

Accelerate layout of a rigid flex board with a system that understands bend areas and other unique flex geometries, including placing irregular angles and the ability to employ rich routing capabilities for rigid-flex designs.

RF design

Electronic devices using gigahertz wireless technology have increased dramatically. This means that RF designers need access to PCB design tools that enable wireless design automation.

Analog/mixed-signal simulation

Full-board functional simulation with SPICE, VHDL, Verilog, and other industry-standard languages. The built-in waveform display and analysis engine enables measurement between transition points via multiple cursors and interactive event search, creation of special diagrams and charts, and waveform post-processing.

Signal integrity analysis

Signal integrity analysis is integrated with both the schematic and layout tools, allowing pre-layout analysis during part and model selection, assistance in determining signal constraints, and post-layout analysis to verify that designs meet the requirements.

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