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Part research and creation for PADS Professional Premium

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes
Libraries furnish the building blocks behind successful product designs. Our cloud app, PartQuest Portal Essential, makes it easy to find the symbol, IPC compliant footprint, and 3D model for the components that you need, so you can create products faster.

You can search for components from an ever-expanding catalog of millions of parts.

If the required symbol or footprint for a part is not found, you can use the Part Creation Service to easily request that this library information be created.

Another option is to create custom library elements using either of two wizard-based apps that provide part builder templates for symbols and a guided IPC compliant footprint builder. By creating projects within PartQuest Portal, you can organize then quickly download component data for selected groups of components. Adding components from PartQuest Portal to your library is as simple as dragging one or more selected parts to the PADS Designer GUI. The associated symbols, footprints and part property data will automatically be added to your design library, saving hours of manual library work.

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