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Technical Paper

Simplify the creation of customized P2P/CD ESD reliability verification rules

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is one of the best-known and often most troubling reliability issues for integrated circuit (IC) design. Manually creating ESD reliability checks typically requires extensive expertise and time. The Calibre PERCĀ® reliability platform provides an innovative packaged checks framework that enables engineers to quickly and accurately create customized rule checks that verify a variety of conditions for ESD protection, even with minimal ESD expertise and experience. By using the Calibre PERC ESD P2P/CD packaged checks with the user-friendly Calibre PERC GUI, designers can quickly implement customized device-based ESD protection verification to achieve both improved design quality and reduced time to market.

Quickly create customized device-based P2P and CD full-path checks to ensure ESD protection verification in your IC designs

Accurate ESD protection circuit checks for issues such as point-to-point (P2P) parasitic resistance and current density (CD) depend on analyzing a combination of physical and circuit data. Available foundry ESD checks may not cover all ESD devices, requiring engineers to create customized checks for their IC designs to ensure full coverage. The Calibre PERC packaged checks framework and user-friendly GUI provides a straightforward process engineers can use to quickly create and modify device-based ESD rule checks without in-depth ESD knowledge or coding skills.