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Technical Paper

Navigating design challenges: block/chip design-stage verification

Explore the future of IC design with the Calibre Shift left initiative. In this paper, author David Abercrombie reveals how Siemens is changing the game for block/chip design-stage verification by moving Calibre verification and reliability analysis solutions further left in the design flow, including directly inside your P&R tool cockpit. Discover how you can reduce traditional long-loop verification iterations, saving time, improving accuracy, and dramatically boosting productivity.

What You'll Learn:

  • Review the challenges of traditional, concurrent design processes in IC design

  • Explore how Calibre is bringing high-speed, local interactive verification into your P&R tool cockpit

  • See how Calibre Auto-Waivers automates targeted verification and improves runtimes

  • Learn about the benefits of early design-stage LVS verification and error debugging

  • Discover the power of real-time design verification and error correction with Calibre RealTime Digital.

  • Gain insights into multi-physics verification solutions for full-chip EM and IR drop analysis on the most complex SoC designs

  • Learn how Calibre Interactive enables scheduling, optimization and management of multiple Calibre jobs

Download the paper to learn about the latest block and full-chip verification innovations with the Calibre Shift left initiative.

Who Should Read This:

  • IC and SoC designers interested in the latest advancements in semiconductor design

  • Block and full-chip IC Design Engineers and Managers

  • CAD engineers and engineering managers looking to streamline verification processes