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Technical Paper

A game-changer for IP designers: design-stage verification

Discover how to transform your IP design process with the Calibre Shift left initiative. In this new technical paper, you’ll gain valuable insights into how, by moving physical verification earlier in the IP design flow, you can locate and correct design errors sooner, reducing costs and getting complex designs to market faster. Dive into the challenges of hard, soft and custom IP creation, and learn how to run targeted, real-time or on-demand physical verification with precision, earlier in the layout process.

What you'll learn:

  • Recognize the unique challenges IP designers are facing today

  • Detect and correct physical verification issues earlier in the design process, minimizing costly late-stage revisions

  • Prioritize and categorize design issues for efficient resolution

  • Align IP cell verification with the same intent as larger chip designs

  • Optimize performance and automation in early design-stage verification

“In reality, what IP designers have to do now is more simultaneous. They're working on small cells and blocks while they're working on the larger one and while they're working on the top level. And if something's discovered at the top level, it affects the things all the way back down, causing more iterations and changes.” - Terry Meeks, Author

Who should read this:

  • Engineers and designers seeking to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their design process

  • IP creators, standard cell designers, and analog layout engineers

  • CAD engineers and engineering managers looking to streamline verification processes

  • Anyone interested in staying up to date with the latest advancements in design automation