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solution brief

Using Digital Image Correlation to measure 3D full-field data

Accelerate component and system structural validation testing

Characterizing the structural behavior of materials and structures under load is a key enabler to improve designs and develop high performance products. Standard measurement techniques, normally employing strain gauges for these applications, only provide limited and local information. Additionally, sensors can be expensive and it can take considerable time to instrument your test specimen before you can even begin to collect data.

Digital Image Correlation for faster, easier structural data acquisition

The fast development of digital camera technology in combination with high-performing Digital Image Correlation (DIC) techniques is currently bringing a radical change in this domain. Thanks to DIC, it is now possible to extract full-field 3D geometry, displacement and strain information, under any load and for almost any type of material, with very limited instrumentation. These data are crucial in the material engineering process, as they allow identifying material properties, validating numerical models and assessing the strength of materials and components, without the risk of overlooking key local phenomena. DIC is also applicable to analyze structural vibrations and dynamic responses and can be used to characterize rotating and lightweight structures which would otherwise be extremely difficult to test with standard techniques.