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solution brief

Mining operations digital collaboration tool

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The mining industry has a strong growth outlook, with global energy transition increasing demand for minerals needed for renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy storage systems. To support global clean energy growth while providing minerals for traditional industries like consumer goods and electrical products, the mining industry must improve its operational efficiency, safety and sustainability. Download the executive brief to learn how incorporating a digital collaboration tool into mining operations helps businesses improve efficiency while reducing costs.

Optimize the mining lifecycle

To improve operations across the mining lifecycle while better navigating economic volatility, mining companies must make significant digital investments. Establishing a comprehensive digital twin of operations helps mining companies meet customer needs while supporting global energy transition. Whether it’s calculating expected yields or evaluating equipment performance during different loading scenarios, simulation helps engineers gain valuable insights into potential situations along with countermeasures to prevent production downtimes.

Mineral processing plant operations software

Inside mineral processing plants, data silos limit information sharing and collaboration while reducing the efficiency of operations and maintenance. Adopting a digital lifecycle approach allows technical and business information to be authored in their native systems, often by third parties. The output connects to an information backbone that acts as a central nervous system for the plant lifecycle information. Data changes for a specific area are immediately known to the rest of the system, creating opportunities to improve decision-making and traceability while dramatically improving change management.

Connect plant systems to improve efficiency

By connecting plant systems, mining knowledge workers are better prepared to respond to issues before they become costly situations. Mining companies can also consolidate digital lifecycle information and connect it to an integrated backbone to prevent time-wasting from difficulties searching for information. By making innovators more efficient, great ideas can be put into operation faster, improving competitiveness across the mining lifecycle.