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solution brief

Innovation with Product Lifecycle Management for medical device manufacturing

To bring your products to market quickly, product design and development must stay flexible. Healthcare providers and patients require increased product capabilities and intelligence to deliver better safety and efficacy. Digital systems and platforms can help automate processes. However, these tools only provide value if they can offer complete traceability, transparency and accessibility. Collaboration is key to innovation in the medical device industry.

Learn how to bring product lifecycle management (PLM) for medical devices to your workflow for more innovative products.

Managing the product lifecycle with PLM for Medical Devices

Manufacturers can overcome stifled innovation and siloed processes through the digital transformation of product development. Working concurrently across domains is crucial for teams to function collaboratively, control costs and management timelines.

With PLM for Medical Devices, organizations are able to re-use data and evidence to control product complexity and maintain integrity. Manufacturers can automate compliance, submissions and reporting, while design teams gain the ability to share work in progress to refine the development process. Teams of all sizes can scale product development, risk management, traceability to design controls, and verification and validation capabilities to match compliance requirements.

Driving overall business performance with PLM

A cloud-based PLM system helps medical device manufacturers by streamlining design data management, product line management and quality process management activities. This enables cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality, compliant products faster. Automating, standardizing and optimizing processes leads directly to cost savings and speedier development.

Learn how to streamline your processes today with PLM for Medical Devices. Read the brief to learn more.