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Solution Brief

Enabling engineers to efficiently leverage the value of simulation and test data with Simcenter Testlab Desktop Neo

Model-based product development has largely replaced test-centric methodology as a standard practice in manufacturing. Because testing practices have evolved and products have become more complex, the amount of data that management, engineers, and technicians must be able to access, interpret, and exchange is staggering.

Simcenter Testlab Neo is an extensible, all-inclusive software tool with a simple hierarchical structure designed specifically for the organization, manipulation, and presentation of data sets, working intuitively with data from any source.

The advantages of Simcenter Testlab Neo will generate positive data-driven results

Simcenter Testlab Neo contains all of the tools you need to deal with the growing importance of simulation, the growing volume of data, and the growing need for data value optimization. It enables the engineers to:

  • Visualize enormous data sets effectively, providing impromptu or comprehensive analysis

  • Present engineering displays with embedded data analysis

  • Access multiple data sources without extra import or reconfiguration

  • Customize user interface based on previously established preferences and more!

Download the solution brief to learn more.