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Solution Brief

Accelerated & integrated consumer durable product design with Solid Edge

We understand that you need to deliver the most appealing, user-friendly, and durable products to market for your customers as fast as possible. To meet client demand for the most aesthetically beautiful, ergonomic, and durable consumer goods, consumer durables makers must be able to design new things swiftly. As a manufacturer, you must also be able to create physical and virtual prototypes fast to validate your new ideas and undertake testing to ensure that your products conform with industry and government regulations.

Discover simple consumer durables design solutions that can help you meet these requirements while optimizing your design and development processes to rapidly release new products, regardless of your size as a consumer durables producer, allowing you to increase your cash flow and profit margins and achieve faster and more efficient consumer durables design.

Use a digital twin to optimize & integrate product development

The digital transformation of product design and development allows consumer durables producers to better their product development process and optimize final product performance. Using digital 3D models throughout the design process allows for a more efficient product development process and a shorter time to market for new items.

Using a digital twin can cut development time in half. Data incorporated into the digital model can be used throughout the product lifecycle.

Benefits of the Solid Edge software portfolio

With 3D CAD, electrical design, simulation, manufacturing, and data management capabilities, Solid Edge offers an integrated portfolio of affordable and simple-to-use solutions that help consumer durables manufacturing companies design better, design faster, and thrive in the dynamic consumer durables business environment.

Discover how you can use 3D digital models to digitalize your whole product development process and improve your business. Improve new product development and time-to-market by incorporating intelligence into 3D models throughout the product development lifecycle.

  • Improve efficiency with next-generation design, and manage complex assemblies with up to 100,000 pieces using assembly modeling

  • Use a history-free approach and synchronous technology to accelerate mechanical design using 3D CAD. Create complex pieces and assemblies in a timely and flexible manner. Change the design geometry directly and instantaneously

  • Bring electromechanical design efforts together. Using industry-proven wiring and harness design skills, create fully functional and manufacturable designs