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solution brief

A state-of-the-art solution for measuring precise vehicle response

Do you know how many miles of highway, potholes, and bumpy gravel roads your vehicle can withstand in its lifetime? Engineers used road load data acquisition to figure it out (RLDA). By measuring the precise vehicle response on public roads or proving grounds and replicating specific driving profiles, RLDA takes into account all types of driving parameters, such as rolling resistance, road characteristics, engine loads, and vehicle speed.

Most RLDA testing teams are under intense pressure to deliver high-quality data for as many vehicles as possible as quickly as possible. Teams are shifting to cutting-edge methods, such as Siemens Digital Industries Software's advanced Simcenter RLDA solution.

Learn more in this solution brief.

Execute RLDA campaigns in less time with less errors

Around the world, future-focused durability testing departments rely on Siemens' durability engineering expertise to complete RLDA campaigns in less time and with fewer errors. The Siemens RLDA solution is notable for its use of a single spreadsheet-based environment, Simcenter Testlab software, which speeds up the configuration and setup of Simcenter SCADAS RS hardware.

Benefits of SCADAS RS include:

  • Unparalleled connectivity

  • Comes with an integrated GNSS receiver for instant time, speed, and position measurement

  • Supports controller area networks (CAN) vehicle bus interfaces

  • An increase in data quality to acquire data faster, and perform test campaigns with confidence

SCADAS RS is a flexible system architecture that enables the collection of precise multi-physics measurements in harsh environments. To learn more, download this solution brief.

Maximize testing productivity and acquire data faster

Simcenter RLDA maximizes testing productivity at all levels. You will collect data more quickly, have greater measurement flexibility, and be able to run test campaigns with complete confidence.