Smart manufacturing software solutions for heavy equipment

Heavy equipment manufacturers must constantly innovate and improve their capabilities to stay competitive. With today's increasing demand for digital technologies, electrification and specialization, optimized manufacturing operations are essential. Yet many teams still rely on disconnected tools and processes, which can lead to mistakes, putting sustainability, quality and margins at risk.

Siemens smart manufacturing software solutions help you overcome these challenges by connecting everyone in your organization with a single source of up-to-date information globally. Optimize your manufacturing operations and digitally connect departments and locations throughout your organization, and with your suppliers.

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Eliminate risks while remaining compliant with MBSE

Eliminate risks while remaining compliant with MBSE

With MBSE, heavy equipment manufacturers can work systematically and promote collaboration between all stakeholders, including suppliers.

Integrated systems engineering trial

Integrated systems engineering trial

Optimize the heavy equipment product development process with integrated systems engineering. Get started with a free trial today.

Digital twin in smart manufacturing

Model, simulate and optimize a comprehensive digital twin of your manufacturing processes—including robots, automation, material handling systems and people—to improve the performance of your business. Some key advantages of this include:

  • Common digital thread: Leverage a single source of truth for all manufacturing data from design to execution.
  • Simplified complexity management: Design and build complex CTO equipment confidently from anywhere.
  • Closed-loop manufacturing: Automate cross-domain feedback loops between PLM, ERP and MES to improve efficiency and quality.

Smart heavy equipment manufacturing solutions

Siemens smart heavy equipment manufacturing solutions are open, flexible, and scalable, so you can deploy them and transform your processes in the best way for your business. Learn more about these different smart manufacturing solutions by visiting our resource pages: