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Chip to City: AV/EV manufacturers’ complex evolution with smart cities

Defining the path to safe, sustainable transportation and mobility infrastructure of tomorrow

As the automotive industry races to develop and improve the ADAS/AD capabilities of tomorrow’s vehicles, the relationship between the infrastructure of our cities and the means of transportation is increasingly important.

We have collected some of the best industry experts – customers, professors and Siemens leaders – to highlight the challenges we face while smart cars and smart cities evolve together to create our transportation future.

You will learn about:

  • How OEMs can establish safe, sustainable methods of transportation and stay financially viable long term

  • City landscape complexity, rapidly developing requirements and new regulations with the increase in traditional mobility and new emerging micro-mobility

  • The challenges city planners face of balancing environmental, safety and mobility needs

  • Creating a holistic approach for mobility and smart infrastructure in combination with new modes of collaboration

  • How the evolution of eMobility is connecting the real and digital world

  • Value-added lifecycle insights for the future of autonomous vehicles using digital twin technology