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Engineer Innovation: Issue 13

A time of boundless possibilities.

Check out the magazine to discover:

Explore the possibilities
  • Fish first - Aker Solutions create fish farms with welfare at its core
  • Atelier Ten: Trains, planes and waterfalls
  • Can TUM Hyperloop realize the future of high-speed intercity travel?

Go faster
  • Plastic Omnium's fuel cell future shires brightly with Siemens
  • Aurobay: Supporting the electric transition

Stay integrated
  • Hyundai uses AI to electrify a luxury SUV
  • MxD: Breathing Life into the digital twin
  • Navigating the AI Frontier at Realize Live

Model the complexity
  • B Medical Systems optimize refrigeration designs to protect life-saving vaccines
  • Building better batteries
  • Robert Allan steers the way for tugboat design
  • From punched cards to ChatGPT
  • Cebi Motors: The challenge of change in the end-of-line testing
  • Advancements in predicting the fatigue lifetime of structural adhesive joints

Regular features
  • Interview: Airbourne Motorworks (AMW) designing groundbreaking wind turbines
  • Geek hub: Icing on a cake is great. On a plane? Not so much
  • Brownian Motion