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Engineer Innovation: Issue 12

This Engineer Innovation magazine showcases a pool of sustainable industrial ideas brought to life with Simcenter.

Check out the magazine to discover:

Explore the possibilities
  • Trek Bicycle explores the world of e-acoustics
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the EI podcast
  • Keeping a turbine design turning

Stay integrated
  • Enhancing autonomous driving with MBSE

Model the complexity
  • Marine simulation and testing innovation
  • Optimizing moon pool designs
  • skyTran and the future of mass transit
  • The future of eDrive Technologies

Go faster
  • Propelling a greener future with Teignbridge
  • A comfortable ride with Hyundai 24

Regular features
  • Interview - Breathing life into the digital twin
  • Geek Hub - Printing a heat exchanger
  • Brownian Motion

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