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Innovative engineering ideas combined with Siemens software solutions can effectively lead to a more sustainable world

After 220 years of excessive CO2 emissions, the impact of humans on the environment and the adoption of sustainable practices are at the forefront of engineering innovation. Instead of managing negative environmental effects, engineers are attempting to prevent future environmental consequences earlier in the design process.

Users are accomplishing these feats in novel ways. This issue demonstrates how our customers, using Siemens software solutions, are thinking outside the box to not only correct the environmental devastation caused by our own creation but also significantly improve other factors that affect our daily lives.

Engineer innovation

Siemens’ solutions contribute to sustainable and operable manufacturing processes by:

  • Providing a digital twin for structural and predictive analysis for underwater garden biosphere, Nemo’s Garden.

  • Enabling accelerated simulation and reduced cost using Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for CUDA-empowered GPU

  • Reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) with Simcenter Nastran to meet Mercedes Benz high-customer expectations

  • Balancing performance categories with a portfolio of Siemens software solutions that simulates design iterations and different scenarios

Download the Innovative Engineering issue to learn more about the tools that aid with current sustainability practices.