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Turn your machine on before it physically exists

Reading time: 5 minutes


The increasing integration of software makes machines much more flexible, but also much more complex. This complexity makes early validation and verification so important. Advanced Machine Engineering is a digital thread approach that enables companies to develop increasingly complex machines faster while lowering developing costs to decrease production and operational costs.

Achieve early validation to boost innovation

Virtual commissioning will enable you to enhance productivity and innovation in a way that the development of smart, connected machinery requires. Early validation of machine designs can eliminate physical collisions and code changes can be resolved almost immediately. Nearly every single use case for machine operation can be executed in a fraction of the time when compared with tests on a physical machine, and without the risk of wrecking machine parts.

We have created this one-page infographic that gives you a very quick overview of the most significant tendencies that will drive the change in machine engineering.

Immediately, you will see the most important trends, challenges and opportunities of the future machine simulation, and what to do to avoid the risk of being left behind and even turn them into a competitive advantage. Download the infographic to learn more.