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Simulation-Driven Machine Design with Intelligent Performance Engineering

Industrial machine builders are looking for ways to drive innovation as their customers are asking for smarter, faster, more customized machines.

One way they’re meeting those demands is through simulation-driven design with Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE).

This infographic gives machine builders a broad overview of IPE.

Machine building and design is undergoing a transformation and IPE is leading the way.

Integrated Machine Building, Design and Simulation

Intelligent Performance Engineering responds to the challenges machine builders face today.

Multi-physics simulation ensures greater reliability for more complex machines.

Integrated design and simulation allow for more customizable machines with different variations to meet the needs of every customer.

And closed-loop validation improves the performance of smarter machines with more advanced technology.

Download the infographic and learn more about integrated machine building with Intelligent Performance Engineering.

Benefits of Closed-Loop Validation

Closed-loop validation plays a significant role in Intelligent Performance Engineering as one of its three main elements.

By incorporating closed-loop maintenance, machine builders realize significant savings on service maintenance, a reduction in downtime, and an increase in manufacturing output.

All these factors combined lower the overall cost of ownership and help companies compete in a more competitive global environment.

This infographic highlights the importance of closed-loop validation.

Intelligent Performance Engineering and Machine Simulation

Machine simulation has become more important as machines have become more complex with intertwined mechanical, electrical, and automation components.

A more complex machine would typically require longer development times, but instead, those schedules have been shortened.

That’s why testing and simulation is being integrated into the design process.

As a result, machine builders are seeing a reduction in development time, a reduction in controls development time, and cost savings through a reduced number of prototypes.

Download the infographic and find out how machine builders are using Intelligent Performance Engineering to adapt to changes within the industry.