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Learn more about smart innovation in the infographic

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All semiconductor companies, including; fabs, fabless, IDMs, foundries, and OSATs or subcons, can use the latest end-to-end product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions to improve their time to market (TTM).

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Go digital to stay ahead, get ready for the transformation

Semiconductor companies conquer product complexity, react to changing requirements at the speed of business, and gain insights to predict and adapt products to future needs. They achieve their business goals by implementing an efficient end-to end PLM system to maintain collaboration for all product data, including; specification, intellectual property, validation, verification information. With the integration of all electrical, mechanical, software, design, and manufacturing activities, they increase efficiency and productivity.

Industry leaders are making use of the new digital technologies to deliver on smart innovation…

In the current changing market, only companies that have successfully embraced a digital transformation can meet product cost and quality targets and deliver within the necessary timeframes. In contrast, companies who haven’t are staying behind and cannot remain competitive. In terms of profitability, digitally mature companies are also clearly outperforming their competitors.

Consumers demand connected products with built-in smart capabilities, and these complex devices must be affordable and delivered with a quick turnaround. Businesses also have to face very short product lifecycles. Such market demand responds to powerful digital technologies impacting the industry, the IoT being one of the leading forces behind this disruptive innovation.

The IoT is driving semiconductor innovation, and a robust end-to-end product lifecycle strategy is essential

For today's semiconductor industry, time-to-market (TTM) windows are shrinking along with the window of opportunity for businesses to make a profit.

All businesses understand that identifying and solving their internal operational challenges has a massive impact on their ability to address their external business challenges. It's especially true for semiconductor businesses who must balance smaller, faster, and cheaper with increasing product complexity and strict quality and safety requirements. And there is fierce competition and constant pressure on chipmakers to develop something better and even less expensive than what was defined as state-of-the-art only a few months before.

Making smart innovation a reality: team up with technology partners and implement a smarter PLM approach

Semiconductor manufacturers are under great pressure to adapt to the latest digital technologies and deliver on smart innovation while facing fierce global competition. The semiconductor industry is experiencing an extraordinary transformation effort in a fast-paced market with many strong, flexible competitors, forcing businesses to seek effective ways to take productivity and efficiency to the next level.

Businesses must adapt to the new age of smart innovation or risk becoming obsolete. There is only one way forward: unleashing the IoT potential & embracing a digital transformation.

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