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Develop safe, reliable and secure vehicles your customers demand

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Consumers today are demanding smart, connected vehicles. The IoT and the improvements in autonomous technologies mean that drivers have a broader than ever range of features available to them. And these features share one thing in common – they are software-based.

Being able to address this ever-increasing software presence and the challenges this presents is more challenging than ever. Quality Engineering and Software & Systems Engineering ensures that you will deliver the safe, reliable, and secure vehicles that your customers demand so you can stay ahead of the competition and drive the change that changes driving.

Government regulations are increasing for safer and more secure vehicles

With the rise of autonomous and electrified vehicles, so too do the risks. From the safe operation of an autonomous car in an urban environment trying to maneuver and adapt to its surroundings to the rapid growth of vehicle electrification, safety and security concerns are of utmost importance. Local and regional governments are taking unprecedented steps to ensure that these vehicles will present no harm to their occupants or the vehicles’ surroundings. Being able to assess these issues early and throughout the vehicle development process is mandatory.

Quality Engineering ensures you deliver safety, security, and reliability to customers using comprehensive simulation models that allow you to predict how systems will behave and avoid any conflict between them. Quality Engineering also measures compliance criteria, so you know your vehicles meet government and industry standards earlier in the product lifecycle, saving you vital time.