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Removing barriers in medical device design and development

Medical devices differ in form, placement and function. They are more accessible, intelligent, compact and networked. New obstacles in medical device production include highly sophisticated gadgets, aging populations, monitored healthcare costs, rigid controls and economic inequities.
Siemens’ comprehensive suite lets you build better medical devices with new design tools, a more collaborative workflow, software integration across teams and simulation-driven design. It will:
  • Accelerate and simplify customizable device design
  • Help teams make faster, smarter decisions with visual reports
  • Reduce risk with continuous, seamless, cross-discipline visibility
  • Speed market entry while assuring patient safety and efficacy

Innovative and collaborative design software for medical device design and manufacture

This infographic features two solutions that improve the medical device manufacture processes: Siemens NX and Teamcenter.

NX supports all facets of product development, from design to manufacture, with a complete and seamless suite of modeling tools that utilize the digital twin at its core to accelerate and simplify design, integrate disciplines, uphold data integrity and design purposes.

The Teamcenter software is a cutting-edge, adaptive product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that connects people and processes. It offers open access to configuration data, an auditable data hub and visually appealing data reports for the best decision-making. Every stakeholder in the organization has access to the same product information.

Medical equipment manufacturers need cost-effective answers for an aging population

It is predicted by the U.S. Census bureau that by 2030 there will be a greater number of residents over the age of 65 than children in the United States, and the acute health problems that increase with age are an ever-increasing burden and a contributing factor to the rising expense of medical care in the United States.

A digital transformation using Siemens’s portfolio of software solutions, when used in design and manufacture, creates successful and innovative medical devices, allowing for improved medical outcomes. With efficiencies that, when it comes to the patient, save money and lives.

Want to learn more? Check out this infographic.