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Follow the PLM keys to success in the semiconductor industry

Product Lifecyle Management is a journey of digital transformation for your semiconductor manufacturing business. All semiconductor companies (fabs, fabless, IDMs, foundries, OSATs/subcons, and photonics) can use the latest end-to-end product lifecycle management (PLM) software to reduce time to market (TTM). Each PLM key adds a significant business benefit.

Foundation a of PLM for semiconductor companies

The first PLM key is achieving an efficient balance of business and engineering. Innovation, profitability, quality and sustainability are all optimized.

The second key is delivering engineering solutions for technical people. PLM integrates many engineering essentials into one efficient digital solution.

The third key is integrating business solutions for everyone else in your company, including analytics, compliance, costing, change, documents, procurement, programs, reporting and scheduling.

Integrated management and effective communication

The fourth key is uniting the entire team around the goal of business success – including engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, service and suppliers – so everyone pulls together.

The fifth key is the ability to adapt to change as your business grows. PLM makes your digital enterprise ready to grow by being cloud-ready, easy-to-use, scalable and secure.

Streamlining semiconductor manufacturing processes with PLM

These keys have helped customers all around the world achieve their PLM and digitalization goals. “Teamcenter helped our cross-functional teams connect better and work in complete alignment with each other. It provided management with deeper visibility into processes, which helped us track and streamline our new product development processes,” says Gurpreet Singh, Head of Information Technology at Amber Enterprises.