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Optimize your vehicle electrification development for speed to market

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The automotive industry is experiencing rapid market growth in vehicle electrification. Due to falling battery prices, electric vehicle (EV) sales will outpace traditional vehicle sales in the next decade. By 2027, the fleet of internal combustion vehicles will begin declining steadily in favor of electric powertrains. By 2030, the portion of EVs in China will be double that in the United States. To compete, speed to market is critical. Download the infographic to learn more.

Implement digital twin technology to improve EV development

Automakers can reduce costs and improve quality control, manufacturing agility, and speed-to-market by implementing digital twin technology. By reducing the number of physical prototypes with a digital product twin, automakers can cut changeover time and increase efficiency with a digital twin of manufacturing. A comprehensive digital twin solution can also drive cross-domain engineering integration with a secure digital backbone and leverage data insights. And updating and sharing specifications and regulations with the entire ecosystem allows the incorporation of new technologies faster than the competition.

Optimize design and production in the auto industry with closed-loop manufacturing

Closed-loop manufacturing in the automotive industry can help optimize Research and Development, Design and Prototyping, Production, and Aftermarket Services. Product improvement feedback helps Research and Development improve production and service specifications and usage scenarios. As-designed data support Design and Prototyping technical requirements and quality specifications. Failure data and change order feedback can improve Production material requirements and process performance. Lastly, field failures and voice of customer feedback can help Aftermarket Services improve final testing, traceability, and quality inspection and assurance.

Discover how Siemens vehicle electrification solution can optimize your vehicle electrification development. Download the infographic.