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Achieving operational excellence in electronics manufacturing using hybrid SaaS

Electronics manufacturers can level-up their operational performance with cloud connected manufacturing to reduce waste, optimize processes and discover value.

Hybrid SaaS makes digital transformation more accessible, flexible and scalable for companies of all sizes. This type of smart manufacturing enables connectivity between an on-premises application and a collaboration service on the cloud.

View this infographic to learn more about hybrid SaaS for electronics manufacturers.

Benefits of hybrid SaaS in smart manufacturing for electronics

The three primary benefits of hybrid SaaS in electronics manufacturing operations are:

  • Realizing the comprehensive digital twin to enhance designs and optimize capabilities

  • Creating a personalized, modern solution to suite individual manufacturing needs

  • Developing a flexible, open ecosystem for access to data across domains and solutions

Smart manufacturing enables electronic companies to address the challenges of modern manufacturing to deliver more products without compromising on quality and time to market. Digitalization also enables elimination of physical prototypes, disconnected systems, paper-based work instructions and silos of information while enabling a continuous, integrated for from design to planning to production.