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Multiphysics simulation and testing for complex industrial machine validation


Incorporating sophisticated digital simulation and analysis tools helps machine builders quickly and intelligently evaluate the impact of design choices.

Multiphysics simulation and testing accomplishes this through collaboration between domain experts to meet or even exceed customer expectations.

With this approach, users can simply drag and drop components into simulations for fast analysis and validation.

Users can also merge virtual and physical results for a more complete digital twin.

Industrial machine safety

Multiphysics simulation empowers machine builders to virtually explore real-world physical interactions their complex products may encounter.

Investigating these interactions results in improved industrial machine safety with fewer chances of breakdowns, overheating, and other problems.

Multiphysics simulation includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Fluid force performance
  • Thermal effects
  • Structural integrity
  • Electromagnetic radiation

Isolating and testing each of these forces individually can lead to inaccurate product behavior predictions, which is why evaluating all of them simultaneously during a real usage simulation is the more ideal approach.

Additionally, increasing interdependencies among multiple forces is a more accurate prediction of machine behavior overall.

Increase industrial machine reliability and predictability

When multiphysics simulation and testing is employed early and often throughout the design phase, machine builders create better machines overall.

Design engineers can perform detailed what-if analyses in the conceptual design phase to determine how different changes affect machine safety and reliability.

A more reliable machine becomes more predictable, so scheduled maintenance and upkeep are easier to plan, which minimizes the impact of planned shutdowns.

Improve industrial machinery cost and energy efficiency

Using multiphysics simulation and testing early and often accelerates the entire design process, so the overall cost of every project begins to decrease.

Machine performance and energy efficiency improves significantly when designers can quickly and easily test multiple components from a resource library and witness the overall machine design impact.

With lower costs to purchase and operate a machine, next-generation machines are more cost-effective than their older counterparts.

Download the infographic for a quick overview of what’s possible with multiphysics simulation and testing.