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Accelerating growth for emerging medical device and diagnostics companies

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in medical device and diagnostics are looking to create the infrastructure to get their own innovation to market rapidly, cost-efficiently, and at high quality that achieves regulatory compliance. They are realizing that the manufacturing operations management (MOM) foundation is not a “nice-to-have”. It is a must-have to compete in this complex industry. Access a scope that meets your critical competitive requirements while reducing the cost and time for implementation and maintenance. The result is a solution that expedites the realization of digital manufacturing while achieving significant near-term benefits.

Required digital infrastructure for growth for SMB

MOM capabilities are essential for any medical device and diagnostics manufacturer, given the complexity of both products and the regulatory environment. To accommodate the SMB space, find out more about a digital infrastructure tailored for quick and efficient implementation and maintenance while serving as an extensible platform as the manufacturer grows. The three key pillars of the SMB package include:

  • Standard, pre-configured modules: The pre-packaged software configuration that provides the core MOM functionality critical for the SMB
  • Rapid implementation model: An accelerated implementation approach created specifically for the medical device and diagnostics SMB configuration
  • Cloud support and maintenance