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Drive automotive software advancement with product definition

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Harness the full, integrated vehicle definition from the concept phase to manufacturing. With an Integrated Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach, automotive manufacturers can develop today's complex vehicles at the fast pace required to address consumer needs and deliver on the sustainability requirements governments call for.

View the infographic to discover the advantages of an MBSE approach to software and systems engineering. Automakers can learn to manage their systems to drive the change that changes driving.

Reduce your overall time to market and cost

Eliminate up to half of the program schedule and significantly reduce your overall time to market and cost. Influence downstream development of your vehicles with integration across the full vehicle definition.

An integrated MBSE approach helps automakers develop today’s complex vehicles faster, with a higher level of quality. Siemens Software & Systems Engineering is based on five pillars:

  • Integrated Program Planning

  • Product Definition

  • Product Validation

  • Quality Engineering

  • Connected Engineering

Meet the demands of consumers and governmental regulations

Consumers' demands change daily, from requests for more connected cars to greater levels of safety and security. Government regulations change almost as frequently, with mandates for automotive manufacturers to help sustain a cleaner, greener society. When automakers adopt an MBSE approach, they can meet all these challenges. Learn more in the infographic.