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Competing with low-cost industrial machine builders

Machine builders face low-cost competition, particularly from international companies, which threatens their ability to stay competitive. This issue is compounded by the fact that OEMs operate in a market where customer loyalty is limited, and sales are often driven by price and features.

Download the infographic to learn how pursuing digitalization through the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) empowers providers to improve operational efficiency and add features that appeal to their customer base.

Industrial IoT can help OEMs lower costs

OEMs must transform their operations to allow them to reduce costs while maintaining and improving quality. By implementing IIoT within their plants, OEMs can drive efficiencies that help reduce operating costs and increase production outputs. Furthermore, they can gather performance data from customer machines to improve future design iterations.

Benefits of remote monitoring in the heavy equipment industry

Remote monitoring enables OEMs to differentiate with new, value-added services by collecting and analyzing data from machines in customer environments. This data allows for OEMs to reduce costs for machine shops, guarantee better productivity, improve OEE and implement new business models, like maintenance and optimization as a service.

Download the infographic to learn how industrial IoT (internet of things) can help OEMs lower costs and drive customer satisfaction.