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Leverage industrial IoT for energy optimization

Improve Energy Efficiency with MindSphere

Reducing energy consumption has become a top priority for companies everywhere.

Whether it’s rising energy costs, environmentally conscious customers, stringent regulatory requirements, or a combination of factors, industrial organizations are looking for ways to optimize their energy usage.

Fortunately, industrial IoT (IIoT) capabilities have made it easier to capture and analyze energy data and then create an actionable plan.

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The path to energy optimization starts with industrial IoT

The industrial sector currently consumes roughly half of all global energy, and the path to reducing that number starts with industrial IoT (IIoT) software.

Using industrial IOT solutions, organizations can gain transparency across their facilities by capturing and analyzing data to generate actionable insights for each asset in every facility.

Using industrial IoT sensors, users can collect real-time asset data streams and upload the information into the cloud.

Cloud-based applications can then analyze the asset data and display it in near real-time dashboards using industrial IoT software.

With an easy-to-read dashboard in front of them, users can better understand asset usage and begin to optimize energy consumption within their operations.

How industrial IoT helps organizations understand energy optimization pathways

Companies can connect assets, products, plants, and systems with an industrial IoT solution in place, making it easier to collect energy usage data in near real-time and begin to get a clear picture of actual energy usage.

With a better idea of how energy is being used, industrial organizations can set goals and use analytics tools to continuously refine energy usage for maximum optimization.

Data-driven decisions are more likely to reduce energy usage, meet regulatory requirements and save costs.

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