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Leverage enterprise data for specification and contract management

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Today’s energy and utilities (E&U) marketplace is defined by constant volatility, increasing competition and growing pressure to reduce emissions. To thrive in this challenging environment, E&U businesses can leverage enterprise data for specification and contract management. By adopting our integrated requirements management solution, projects, specs and contracts are broken down and tracked to ensure they’re completed correctly. Learn how to quickly improve your business processes and execution by downloading our infographic.

Streamline the bid and tender process

Accelerate the bid and tender process by incorporating your tender document requirements into a centralized digital environment. With our solution, it’s easier for your E&U business to create and resolve exceptions, qualifications and clarifications (EQCs) from contract teams. Downstream groups from tender response teams can also quickly view completed bids to better understand positioning.

Data-driven project management software

E&U businesses can incorporate data-driven project management software to improve internal processes. Using a familiar word pressor interface, workers can quickly gather and author requirements. Flexible, customizable workflows are easily mapped to existing processes, while interactive dashboards accurately track project status and dependencies. Collaboration with external stakeholders is simple, with round-trip capability.

Save time on specification and contract management

In today's volatile energy market, every second counts. By adopting an integrated requirements management solution, your business will accelerate specification and contract management processes. With this solution in place, companies have reported a 50% reduction in authoring time along with 10-times-faster document handling. Prepare your E&U business for the unexpected while reducing project costs, scope and schedule risks.