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Customize your out-of-the-box IoT solution with drag and drop software

When evaluating the benefits of connected assets, many manufacturers feel forced into a make or buy decision for an industrial IoT solution. But when you combine the power of low-code development with the industrial IoT you are no longer limited. Take advantage of an industrial IoT out-of-the-box solution customized with drag-and-drop software that addresses your exact business needs.

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IoT foundation for manufacturing

Buying MindSphere sets you up with a solid industrial IoT foundation, allowing you to connect and monitor your devices to gather data for manufacturing. MindSphere helps you get started as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Use drag and drop to customize your prebuilt IoT

With drag-and-drop application development from Mendix, you can then customize your pre-built IoT solution and personalize the specific tools to your exact needs.

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