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Accelerate innovation with product lifecycle management


Machine builders and equipment manufacturers around the world continue to move faster while building more complex machinery and equipment.

They’re able to move so quickly, in part, because of Software as a Service Product Lifecycle Management (SaaS PLM) solutions.

Get this free infographic and discover what the industrial machinery industry can accomplish with a SaaS PLM solution built specifically for machine builders.

A specialized solution like this one accelerates innovation along every step of the process, from design to manufacturing and service.

Software as a Service Product Lifecycle Management Solution

PLM for Machine Builders combines three key areas for a complete Software as a Service Product Lifecycle Management Solution.

  • Project, process, and requirements management
  • Machine configuration and reuse
  • Blended ETO/CTO functionality

Each of these aspects by themselves saves time or increases productivity, and when all combined, they accelerate every step of the product lifecycle.

Multidisciplinary industrial machine design optimization

Machine builders can improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency with the right project management tools designed to provide better collaboration.

Product lifecycle management solutions allow machine and equipment builders to monitor and deliver on project milestones through real-time dashboards.

With increased transparency and integrated multidisciplinary design tools, engineers can work more closely together to design and build better machines in a faster timeframe and at a lower cost.

With improved multidisciplinary machine design, organizations see more innovation, stay competitive, and grow their overall market share.

Improve industrial manufacturing productivity and efficiency

A Software as a Service (SaaS) PLM solution can help the industrial machinery industry move closer to smarter, more flexible machines.

Forward-thinking companies around the world who have already embraced PLM solutions are experiencing benefits like:

  • Locate customer requirements and project information more quickly
  • Reudata, BOM, and mechatronics information between similar projects
  • Increase machine predictability and reduce risks and liabilities
  • Trace projects from start to finish
  • Better alignment saves downstream costs, time, and resources
  • Milestone dashboards ensure on-time delivery

Get this infographic today and learn more about PLM for machine builders.