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How to increase productivity in manufacturing

Increasing manufacturing productivity requires greater visibility into each process from development to delivery and everything in between.

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) digitalize all those processes, so decision-makers can more easily see problem areas and begin working on solutions.

Download this free infographic and learn more about the trends impacting the industrial machinery industry and how the right MES software moves companies closer to operating a smart factory.

Optimize production and processes across your manufacturing enterprise

A manufacturing execution system connects the shop floor and third-party production systems to the development process and improves overall efficiency.

MES Software like Opcenter has a number of capabilities to achieve this:

  • Advanced planning and scheduling
  • Production preparation and engineering data
  • Intraplant logistics
  • WIP and production KPIs
  • Data collection
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Electronic work instructions
  • Quality inspection
  • Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI)

MES software makes it easier for manufacturers develop, engineer, and produce new products more often.

Benefits of Siemens MES software for Industrial Machinery

When manufacturers implement the right MES software solution, they see an increase in flexibility, faster time-to-market, and improved quality.

MES software accomplishes this by bringing together four capabilities:

  • Manufacturing execution
  • Closed-loop manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Manufacturing intelligence and performance

Download this infographic for a quick introduction to MES software and get more detailed information about the benefits of Siemens MES software for industrial machinery.