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Integrate E/E systems in autonomous vehicle development

Reading time: 10 minutes

There is a clear trend in the market for driverless automotive systems. With consumer demanding higher levels of driving automation, automakers will need to deal with increased technical complexity as well as more sensors in every step.

AVs will be computers on wheels powered by Artificial Intelligence in the shape of high-performance electrical and electronic systems. Software components are expected to account for nearly 30% of the vehicle architecture by 2030. In the meantime, automakers must leverage the right tools to guarantee the reliability of this new technology and earn their customers' trust.

Manage the complexities in autonomous vehicle development

We have created an infographic that provides insight into the trends, challenges, and possibilities of how you could play a leading role in developing self-driving vehicles. Through the digital transformation of your business, you can turn complexity into a competitive advantage. Siemens Autonomous Vehicle Development (AVD) offers an agile, cross-domain, model-based development solution with integrated data flows and software-based simulation capabilities, from chip design, to electrical and electronic systems and the full vehicle.

Download the infographic and find out how to optimize your E/E systems leveraging intelligent exploration and how you could play a leading role in the automated driving revolution!

Use E/E systems for a comprehensive digital solution

Staying ahead in the competition will require companies to become fast and flexible using a holistic model-based approach capable of integrating every aspect of autonomous vehicle development and its sophisticated E/E systems. Siemens next-generation software for E/E systems architecture delivers model-based development throughout the design, manufacturing, and service of the vehicle's E/E system. It enables a digital innovation platform where multi-domain engineering teams can work seamlessly, from system-on-chip design to systems integration across electrical, software, and hardware. Siemens holistic solutions provide manufacturers with multi-domain systems modeling connected through a digital thread to help them tie all complex processes together and deliver the future cars faster in a marketable way.