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How investing in eco-friendly packaging solutions can improve adverse environmental effects

Packaging is a brand's best marketing vehicle, but it must also perform in everyday situations. In recent years, the effects of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping consumer goods have become more complex. Designers face new challenges such as ensuring transparency into environmental compliance, shorter product cycles as a result of social media, new levels of mechanical stress as online commerce grows, government regulations, and growing consumer concerns. These implications have put significant pressure on consumer goods manufacturers to change the way they produce and package goods.

Siemens' virtual product design and simulation tools help manufacturers create well-designed packaging that satisfies client needs. Innovative solutions enable firms test their packaging for shipping rigors, allow customers to monitor products' origins, and are eco-friendly. Imagine saving time, money, and resources by designing a new package and simulating how your products are mixed, filled, and packaged sustainably.

The infographic highlights the trending environmental concerns that are fueling demand for change, issues with unsustainable packaging, challenges for brands and consumer packaging, and packaging design at its best solutions offering to tackle major manufacturing challenges.