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Traditional versus digital machine shops

How to become a modern machine shop

There are many challenges that all machine shops face – competition, quality standards, talent shortages and lead times to name a few. While the industry may never eliminate those challenges, machine shops that have completed digital transformation have increased their output, automated operations and are moving into an offensive position within their niche. We’ve compiled these findings and many more from a recent study by Lifecycle Insights in this infographic. Download the infographic to learn more.

How to modernize machine shop operations with software solutions

New technologies, particularly an integrated machining ecosystem of software solutions, offer a means to address the challenges and opportunities to reduce Time-to-Delivery.

  • Powerful CAD Tools for Imported Geometry put the right capabilities in the hands of machinists to prepare models

  • Integrated CAD-CAM-CMM Software Suites reduce the need to translate models with the company

  • A Model-driven Machining Process allows machinists to do their work without fear of design changes

  • Programming Productivity and Automation leverage smart feature-based toolpaths that can adapt to change

  • Managing Manufacturing Models and Data provides a secure vault to host a single source of truth for design models, manufacturing models, and much more