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Unlock the potential of 3D IC with faster design considerations

Reading time: 4 minutes
Heterogeneous semiconductor integration is at an inflection point that’s not only bringing new architectures into the market, but also disrupting the engineering process.

3D IC enables designers to partition a design and integrate silicon IP at the most appropriate process node and process – leading to lower manufacturing costs, higher wafer yields, lower power consumption and overall lower costs.

View this introductory infographic to learn how to unlock the potential of 3D IC.

Lead the way in 3D IC design with four enabling approaches

  1. Transition from design-based to systems-based optimization

  2. Expand the supply chain and tool ecosystem

  3. Balance design resources across competing multi-domain requirements

  4. Globalization

Engineer a smarter future faster with Siemens 3D IC workflows

The Siemens 3D IC heterogeneous semiconductor packaging workflows catapult design teams into the future of IC design today.