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Create a connected digital plant using our operational excellence approach

Global energy demands are increasing while pressure to decarbonize intensifies. For existing energy and utility facilities to meet operations and sustainability goals, they must unleash the power of their industrial data.

Download the infographic to discover how our Operational Excellence approach enables the creation of a connected digital plant that provides data-driven insights to maximize production. Adopt our solutions to help your business:

  • Dramatically improve operations, innovation and sustainability
  • Provide end-to-end visibility of your plant, production assets and operational performance
  • Continuously optimize your energy systems and processes
  • Accelerate your digital transformation using the industrial IoT

    Connect your plant’s production assets using an open industrial IoT platform. You’ll gain the ability to develop powerful industrial applications that turn data into actionable insights and alert field operators to potential operational issues before they happen. Download the infographic to learn how to optimize your operations and meet decarbonization goals in challenging economic conditions.

    Integrate your core production systems

    Synchronize continuous improvement opportunities by integrating your core production systems. With Operational Excellence, you can take advantage of the latest advancements in process automation to improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and reduce your total ownership costs. By eliminating silos of data, you’ll achieve end-to-end visibility of your entire production process and increase process efficiency.

    Take advantage of an executable digital twin

    Connect your real-time performance data with accurate, well-orchestrated plant information and simulation tools. Your engineers and knowledge workers will be able to:

    • Troubleshoot critical systems

    • Model new concepts

    • Diagnose issues that might lead to instability or plant outages

    To learn how data-driven insights from operational performance can deliver continuous improvements to your plant, download the infographic!