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Control Tower Approach to supply chain management: Enhancing efficiency

Supply chain management is complex.

Good production planning includes breaking down communication silos so there’s a window into the supply chain from the supplier network to distribution.

This allows companies to consider the supply chain with their production planning in full view.

Efficient production planning focuses on manufacturing operations to master the supply chain.

With a control tower model based on three pillars supports an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system, disruptions to the modern supply chain are reduced.

Download this infographic to learn how to boost efficiency and productivity in production planning today.

Control tower and APS: The solution for supply chain management

With the adoption of a trending control-tower approach, cross-functional teams can be created to break down silos and gain access to what they need to make data-enabled business decisions throughout the supply chain.

The key to success with the approach is an APS solution. It enables companies to make those data-enabled decisions and evaluate various potential scenarios.

Download this infographic to unlock the full potential of your supply chain with the control tower approach to advanced planning and scheduling.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software supports effective supply chain management

APS software supports effective supply management by:

  • Modeling the interactions and relationships of manufacturing environments

  • Rapidly evaluating varying scenarios

  • Breakdown communication silos and expedite cross-functional collaboration