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Build machines of the future with cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software

Cloud-based SaaS PLM for industrial machines

Product lifecycle management, or PLM software, provides a single location for all the different CAD designs, documentation, processes, and more associated with a machine, component, or piece of equipment.

PLM solutions enable easier collaboration, improve project visibility, and accelerate the design process.

Cloud-based PLM software is becoming a necessity as global trends change how machine builders, component manufacturers, and OEMs operate.

Get this free infographic to gain some insights into these trends and learn how PLM solutions are transforming industrial machinery companies.

PLM software-as-a-service (SaaS)for the industrial machinery industry

Machine builders, component manufacturers and OEMs are adopting PLM software to keep up with increasingly complex products and processes.

When implementing PLM software, companies decide between SaaS PLM or an on-premises PLM solution.

Whether it’s the reduced costs, increased security, or ease of installation, this infographic lists all the top reasons why companies choose a SaaS PLM option.

Download the infographic now and learn more about available PLM options.