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Cloud manufacturing with hybrid SaaS

Cloud connected manufacturing allows medical device manufacturers to reduce waste, realize value and optimize their performance. Hybrid SaaS is a new subscription service that uses Siemens Xcelerator Share to make digital transformation more feasible for companies of all sizes. Hybrid SaaS enables connectivity between an on-premises application and a collaboration service on the cloud. Learn more about hybrid SaaS in the medical device manufacturing industry.

Key features of cloud connected manufacturing with hybrid SaaS:

  • Secure cloud storage and permission-based sharing
  • Instant access for any device
  • Desktop file syncing
  • Connect to Teamcenter® software
  • Task management
  • Multi-users overwrite protection

Enhancing design and optimizing capabilities in manufacturing with hybrid SaaS

To accelerate digital transformation in the medical device industry, organizations require flexible, accessible and scalable solutions.

  • Flexibility – Empower teams with on-demand collaboration on a platform that securely connects data across engineering domains and solutions.
  • Accessibility – Business of all sizes can access the tools they need, when they need it, ensuring teams work from a single source of truth.
  • Scalability – Our SaaS-based cloud solutions enable teams to rapidly scale and adapt to dynamic environments.