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Enable Software-Defined Vehicles With Capital E/E Systems Development

Mechanical systems in modern vehicles are giving way to advanced software and electronic devices, driving automakers to distinguish their vehicles via electric and electronic (E/E) architecture. Learn how Siemens Capital E/E Systems Development solution supports the future of software-defined vehicles— View the infographic now!

Visualize and understand design issues early in the process

Capital is a comprehensive E/E systems development solution that enables engineers to analyze and verify their designs with advanced metrics and built-in design rule checks. And with simulation and analysis capabilities, early validation of the electrical system allows for easier and more efficient redesigns.

Manage innovative and software-driven vehicle complexity

Vehicle design complexity is rapidly evolving as software dominates the innovative and business-generating market opportunities. These changes are pushing the tools and methodologies used by automotive engineers to their limits.

View the infographic to learn how Siemens Capital can help facilitate software-defined vehicles.