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End-to-end integration of your battery production

With the lithium-ion battery supply chain predicted to grow by over 33% annually, manufacturers need to ensure they’re building modernized, intelligent plants capable of delivering cutting-edge batteries at scale.

How do you create a connected loop of technologies that proactively maintain and manage your entire battery production line? Download our infographic to see how end-to-end integration of smart battery manufacturing technology secures your role as a leading battery manufacturer.

Reduce scrap rate in battery manufacturing

The list of boxes manufacturers need to tick to successfully produce the latest batteries at scale has grown substantially as the technology matures.

As complexity rises in battery manufacturing so do scrap rates, not to mention the impact on quality issues and energy usage factors. With governments around the world pushing hard to meet sustainability goals, compliance and regulation mean manufacturers cannot afford to let these issues persist.

Companies must find new ways to integrate and optimize production lines to stay on track and secure their position as leading suppliers as the EV market continues to boom.

Integrate and optimize battery production lines

Utilizing smart manufacturing technology, your business can:

  • Transform into an agile operation

    • Simulate & validate before you operate

    • Reduce time for engineering changes

    • Enable a resilient supply chain

  • Achieve incredible productivity

    • Optimize engineering & production labor costs

    • Maximize yield and Throughput

  • Monetize your operational data

    • Predict problems before they happen

    • Get visibility and traceability at every step

  • Meet sustainability goals

    • Minimize energy consumption

    • Control your holistic carbon footprint

Download the infographic to see how to bolster your battery production lines with end-to-end integration.