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Accelerate battery production while meeting quality and sustainability targets

With climate change necessitating faster decarbonization, the growth in the battery industry has stormed ahead as demand for electric vehicles rises. As demand has risen, so has complexity.

View our infographic to see how manufacturers are learning to pursue repeatable quality in their battery production processes while meeting cost and sustainability targets.

Manufacturers must develop new battery chemistries with a quality mindset

Balancing the need to innovate new output with meeting targets is a challenge for manufacturers, with next-generation products featuring battery chemistries that lead to more energy-dense and clean products being the path to winning long-term business.

With other factors like sustainability regulations, time-to-market, the competition landscape, and growing production complexity to consider, businesses must find a winning strategy to meet demand while driving insights for innovative production processes. A focus on quality will ensure the improved performance being designed and engineered into new batteries translates into actual performance gains in the manufactured product.

Original equipment manufacturers will encounter challenges as they establish their battery factories

The battery market is an appealing prospect for existing original equipment manufacturers who will feel they have a head start in building competitive battery factories, but there are unique challenges and complexities to this kind of manufacturing that they will need to account for.

When producing cells, modules, and packs, even established OEMs need to think carefully about how they implement processes and optimize their manufacturing to ensure they can stay on target when scaling up their production.

A closed-loop quality approach enables you to leverage engineering and production data

To thrive in the battery industry, companies must achieve exceptional end-to-end quality, from product design and development to manufacturing and field performance.

High quality battery output can only be achieved by managing multiple processes throughout the product lifecycle, meaning success is dependent on excellent communication across these stages. To build batteries at speed and scale, you need to apply lessons learned and have effective change management in place.

Stabilizing battery production and reaching expected efficiency levels necessitates integration of quality processes across the value chain. A holistic quality approach built on a digital closed-loop quality management system (QMS) meets this need. View the infographic to see how a closed-loop quality management solution allows you to utilize your production data to empower your manufacturing through digitalization.