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Product lifecycle management software for battery machine builders

As the global demand for batteries grows, the supply opportunity is resulting in fierce competition, with new gigafactories necessitating highly specialized machinery in short timeframes. To fuel this growth, more battery manufacturing machinery is needed.

View our infographic to see how to use Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software to empower your battery machine builders to innovate faster, focusing on three key areas:
  • Project, process, and requirements management
  • Machine configuration and reuse
  • Blended ETO/CTO functionality

Battery machine configuration and reuse

Access preconfigured templates and models to quickly and easily ready yourself to meet customer requirements and global product standards using our advanced machine engineering solution.

Using adapted machine programming and PLC code, you can create a modular approach that’s standardized and allows you to drive greater accuracy, customization, and consistency at scale when building machine configurations. You’ll be able to accelerate your battery production processes while still focusing on industry-leading quality.

Engineer to order and configure to order functionality in battery manufacturing

Utilizing blended Engineer to Order (ETO) and Configure to Order (CTO) functionality, you can increase efficiency and reduce processing time for quotations. You’ll gain a time advantage on scoping orders that your teams will be empowered to quickly and efficiently fulfill.

View our infographic to learn how to implement a battery machine building PLM approach that will accelerate your timelines and allow you to win business in the booming battery market.