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Use battery modeling and simulation to produce energy-efficient machines

A sharp increase in battery manufacturing developments has led to a shortage of specialized battery machinery. Machine orders must often be placed years in advance, while supply chain disruptions, new materials, and evolving technologies create additional hurdles.

Download our infographic to discover how battery modeling and simulation helps your business design and deliver class-leading, innovative machines that meet customer requirements and fuel business growth.

Learn the latest battery industry trends

The demand for battery machines currently outstrips supply: most battery machine builders are based in Asia and operate at 95% capacity, leading to a battery machine shortage. In response, countries worldwide are looking to fill the gap and become battery manufacturing leaders, particularly in regions like the U.S. and Europe, where local production incentives are leading to high-output plants known as gigafactories. The infographic highlights battery industry trends that are boosting demand for specialized plug-and-produce machines with improved integration between disciplines and greater remote service opportunities.

Overcome challenges facing lithium-ion battery production

Global demand for leading battery minerals is increasing dramatically and supply chains must adapt. With 70% of rechargeable batteries expected to be lithium-ion by 2025, lithium-ion battery production will create material scarcity and force research into alternative materials and processes. Read the infographic to learn a digital approach to conquering battery manufacturing’s challenges and discover how to harness this complexity into a competitive advantage.

Use our battery solutions to overcome global challenges

Battery machine builders need a digital platform to:

  • Deploy lines faster through preconfigured modules and standardized practices

  • Minimize data translation errors with integrated concept through commission capabilities

  • Expand long-term revenue through data analytics and remote maintenance services

  • Meet complex customer requirements faster while building upon business opportunities

Give your business the tools to overcome challenging global trends and develop innovative battery solutions!