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A powerful solution for autonomous vehicle engineering

As disruptive innovations in the automotive industry continue to increase, automakers now focus on overcoming the challenges that autonomous vehicle development. Embedded software, electronics, and connectivity capabilities will be the differentiator of future vehicles, increasing complexity massively for traditional car manufacturers. Competition from technology players is fierce in this market, and automakers must be fast and extremely agile in responding to technological and market changes. Developing the future cars will require a radical transformation in traditional manufacturing and a next-generation autonomous systems engineering approach will be needed.

Solutions for autonomous systems engineering

This infographic outlines the trends impacting the industry, autonomous vehicle challenges, and implications for traditional automakers. You will get an overview of Siemens Systems Engineering, a holistic model-based approach with multi-domain systems modeling connected through a digital thread. Learn how manufacturers can tie all complex processes together and deliver future cars in a marketable way.

Face the autonomous vehicle challenges to develop the safe, reliable mobility experience of the future

The Siemens Systems Engineering for Autonomous Vehicle Development solutions enable car manufacturers to turn complexity into a competitive advantage. From chip design to full vehicle validation and systems integration across all key technical domains, these sets of solutions support every aspect of autonomous vehicle development from the conceptual design phase throughout development and later lifecycle phases.

Learn how starting integrated and staying integrated in a cross-domain, seamless engineering environment could help you develop the safe and reliable mobility experience of the future. Check out the infographic for more information!