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Automotive concept development and design

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Automakers must improve the management of all the interconnected digital information to address the massive complexities in today’s vehicle development. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution helps optimize development by enabling all engineering disciplines to work collaboratively within a product context for intelligent access to model content.

Discover how Siemens Accelerated Product Development empowers automotive businesses with the tools needed to design and develop today’s complex cars successfully — Download the infographic to learn more!

Trends in the auto industry drive the need for innovative vehicle development

New technology megatrends such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and corporate average fuel economy improvement are driving the need for new engineering and technology development. And these disruptive innovations are moving fast, accelerating the need for these new development initiatives. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution can help automakers with this complex environment while enabling a faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient pace of innovation.

Implementing digital transformation for accelerated automotive product development

Automakers can accelerate product development by digitalizing the design, development, and verification process. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution provides integrated simulation technologies that quickly assess numerous design concepts based on the full design space/parameters available. This allows companies to identify better designs early in the development cycle, resulting in more innovative products that provide a competitive advantage.

How Siemens empowers automotive concept development and product design

Integration and cross-collaboration of development activities are critical to any design process and more evident in vehicle design. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution provides an integrated electrical, electronic, and mechanical design platform that allows numerous interactions to be virtually assessed during development. This, coupled with early manufacturing and assembly intelligent evaluation and validation, ensures that no last-minute surprises are encountered during launch.