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Embed certification into aircraft development


When you embed certification into aircraft development, you move aircraft certification from a niche activity to a driving force in program success. Aircraft certification becomes an integral part of your overall product development process, with the ability to:

  • Define a robust certification execution plan within the program plan
  • Manage the execution of the certification plan
  • Gather compliance artifacts, leveraging traceability requirements
  • Create a collaborative relationship with the regulatory authorities
  • Test to demonstrate compliance, not to find design flaws

Trends impacting aircraft certification

Several trends in aerospace and defense are impacting aircraft certification. As a result, challenges you are likely facing include, greater difficulty recruiting talent, higher program costs, extended certification timelines and other delays.

  • Companies are under pressure to reduce program cost and schedule while meeting requirements for new products.

  • Aerospace and defense products are becoming increasingly complex and highly integrated.

  • Decarbonization, reliability, maintainability and performance of products are driving increased electrification.

  • Increasing globalization in supply chains, workforce and competition is forcing companies to change how they collaborate internally and externally.

Digital twin certification

Programs with certification as a separate, parallel process to design, production and quality processes are limited by siloed activities and heavy reliance on physical testing. This type of disjointed approach extends aircraft development timelines and costs. In contrast, digital twin certification enables aircraft certification integrated at the core of the program plan, driving product development activities. This approach enables centralized, integrated master data repositories across your enterprise and the ability to transition to the use of digital artifacts to demonstrate compliance of certification requirements seamlessly.