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Accelerated engineering: A digital answer for modern manufacturing's hardest question

How can small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) provide better products faster? This infographic shows how accelerated engineering is the answer to this challenge. See how solutions for accelerated engineering can help you prepare today for the future of modern manufacturing.

Modern manufacturing's hardest question: How to accelerate the product development process?

Several trends in modern manufacturing have an impact on how SMBs can accelerate the product development process. These include a rising pressure to bring complex products to market faster; compressed profit margins due to increasingly competitive markets; increased need for instant connection and data transparency and lack of quality talent and expertise. Learn how digital solutions can help you to work smarter, not harder as you implement methods to improve productivity.

Work smarter, not harder to improve productivity

Imagine a company that collaborates with its suppliers, vendors, partners and customers; where engineers work simultaneously on the next product launch; a company that scales as it grows. This company could be you. Accelerated engineering solutions are available to help you improve methods most important to improving productivity such as collaboration and coordination, reuse of design data, faster process execution and the adoption of new, digital approaches.

Siemens integrated portfolio of manufacturing software for small and medium businesses

Xcelerator as a Service (XaaS) is our portfolio of software and services to help you achieve the benefits of digital transformation – working smarter, not harder to improve productivity. XaaS empowers SMBs with a digital answer to modern manufacturing’s toughest challenges. With XaaS, you choose from an array of flexible options to create a customized solution to help you produce higher quality products, address increased competitive pressures, shorten cycle times and stay on budget.